At Ambition, quality is everyone’s business. From training to executing company plans to follow-up meetings, our technicians are in pursuit of excellence in their personal work skills. In order to provide our customers with consistent quality throughout the company, we have a team of auditors, supervisors and managers who develop relationships with our customers to ensure continued success.




Better installations. Built in.

Concentrate on quality

One of the things that has helped us maintain our reputation for quality is our total quality control system which includes using:

• High installation standards
• Safety research
• Dashboard
• Weekly quality control review with field staff

A complete partner.

Our Mission Statement outlines Ambition being a complete partner for our clients ensuring all of their Mechanical needs are met.  Our commitment to creating value and improving every aspect of our clients’ business translates into:

• Good work environment
• Ease of achieving business goals
• Good accountability for work and relationships
• Best job completed on time
• Performance delivered within budget

The Ambition Team communication skills made the research flawless as each technician attention to detail and patience made the job appear seamless. 

When inspectors proactively advise various sections are completed well, we automatically know, they are talking about the Team at Ambition and the work they complete for us. 

Director Maintenance

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