With code-compliant pre-installation Data Center contracts and capabilities, we serve as a single, trusted source for those seeking the highest caliber of HVAC, piping and controls for Data room
environments. We have completed many Data room projects, including pre-planning and budgeting, design and installation of a complete HVAC, piping and control system. We understand the importance of maintaining your critical environment. Your environment must maintain specific humidity and temperature levels to operate efficiently and effectively.

Multiple co-op and procurement vehicles to streamline the process

Dedicated and experienced Data Center account managers

Specialized quality assurance program

Data Centers and their Enviornment.

Data Center Partnerships.

Through our Data Center pre-bid cooperative contracts which are based around procurement code, Ambition serve as a trusted single source for those requiring the highest caliber of HVAC, plumbing and controls solutions for Data Center buildings. As a result, our flexibility to complete ancillary deliverables such as ceilings, electrical, roofing, and lighting designed to create complete retrofits and mechanical room additions make Ambition Mechanical Services a logical partner. We have completed many Data Center projects which require working in house systems in budgeting, pre-planning, design and installation of complete HVAC, plumbing and controls.  We then match the expectations and budget parameters of each project manager, facility manager, and maintenance manager we partner with, ensuring completion satisfaction. 

The Ambition Team communication skills made the research flawless as each technician attention to detail and patience made the job appear seamless. 

When inspectors proactively advise various sections are completed well, we automatically know, they are talking about the Team at Ambition Mechanical Services and the work they complete for us. 

Director Maintenance

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