In an industrial environment, there is no time for downtime. By being consistent and dedicated to the best standards, we work with industry professionals without any problems. The large caliber of HVAC, plumbing and controls required on industrial sites is unique and requires specialist design knowledge. We thrive in a controlled environment because we hold ourselves to the same high standards of quality, safety and reliability.

Dedicated and experienced account managers

Background-checked employees cleared to work in industrial areas

Specialized quality assurance program

Ensuring industry remains vibrant.

Ensuring facility operations and precision.

Working within the standards and procedures set by our clients, we design and install complete HVAC, plumbing and control systems, meeting exceptions and budgets in many industrial settings. Whether in a power plant, mining, industrial or pharmaceutical industry, we appoint the right staff, including a safety manager who ensures safety compliance, strict security and insurance policies in these areas are high.

Ambition partnerships.

Our partnership serves in many areas, from service to installation and from mechanical and hydraulic to management. Our technicians have completed many new construction projects and tenant Improvements. We have installed multiple AHUs, Package units, Chillers, Boilers, Swamp coolers, Sheetmetal ducts, and installed thousands of feet of process piping. In addition, our team has installed and upgraded many large air conditioning units, cooling towers, leak management systems and underground piping.

The Ambition Team communication skills made the research flawless as each technician attention to detail and patience made the job appear seamless. 

When inspectors proactively advise various sections are completed well, we automatically know, they are talking about the Team at Ambition Mechanical Services and the work they complete for us. 

Facility Engineer

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